We are Dark Lakes Paranormal


Formed in the year 2016. We are a young team of experienced members. All together we have a total of 43 years of investigating under our belts.





Some of the equipment we use while on investigation. More will be added later.
  1. Digital Voice Recorder
    Digital Voice Recorder
    A digital voice recorder is use to catch voices that are normally unheard with the human ear. a voice perhaps that is from the deceased.
  2. Digital Camera
    Digital Camera
    We use digital cameras to try and document photographic evidence of the paranormal. Although quite rare, there are a few interesting photos out there.
  3. Digital Video Camera
    Digital Video Camera
    Just another way one tries to document the paranormal. Again, quite rare. There has been a few decent videos. Forgery is very common.
  4. KII Meter
    KII Meter
    A KII Meter is a device that measures the Electric Magnetic Field (EMF) around the device. Spirits are known to use energy do certain things.
  5. MEL Meter
    MEL Meter
    An EMF detector that not only gives a EMF reading but also has a probe that takes the temperature of the air around it.
  6. SB7 Spirit Box
    SB7 Spirit Box
    One of the most debated pieces of equipment. The Spirit Box scans multiple radio stations at a high pace of speed. Spirits can manipulate the waves to communicate.
  7. REM Pod
    REM Pod
    A REM Pod is a device that creates it's own independent Electric Magnetic Field. This field can be manipulated by objects that produce energy, which activates an alarm.
  8. Maglite Flashlight
    Maglite Flashlight
    And extremely sensitive flashlight that some think can be use to communicate with spirits. By asking yes or no questions, the spirits can respond by turning it on or off.