Kingman Museum

February 6th, 2018

On Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, We conducted a preliminary walkthrough at the Kingman Museum. The walkthrough went exceptionally well. Some activity of sort.  High EMF spikes on our k2 meters that we couldn't find no explaination for.  Along with collaborating spikes on other detectors at the same time. Which rules out malfunctions. Then like the drop of a hat, the energy field we detected vanished.  After searching for anything that could of cause this, and finding nothing. This remains unexplained. Our actual investigation will be conducted on the 6th of Febuary.

Throughout the night we had a few strange coincidences. However, many of them can be debunked. They do remain unexplained because we could not completely debunk them. We heard a popping sound on the mezzanine, that we were able to record on audio. No clear cause of what could have made that sound. Desiree toward the end of the night thought she might have seen an apparition sitting in one of the chairs in the planetarium, however she said that could have been a trick of the lights and the objects in the room.  On our walkthrough on the 30th of January we had strange EMF spikes on our K2 Meters. We have debunked those to the phones being in the room. We left our phones in our control room on the night of the investigation and had no EMF spikes of any kind.
There were no strange audio recordings captured other than the for mentioned popping sound, as well as no photographs or video containing any evidence.

Our empaths did feel energy in some parts of the buildings. This is not evidence because of that lack of certainty that something like empathic abilities exist. However, they could have been feeling the past energies of the items located around the museum as well as the energy and emotion from all the people who have walked through the museum over the years. Hopefully, if ever, a return trip could help the familiarize us with them.


We are Dark Lakes Paranormal


Formed in the year 2016. We are a young team of experienced members. All together we have a total of 43 years of investigating under our belts.