We are Dark Lakes Paranormal


Formed in the year 2016. We are a young team of experienced members. All together we have a total of 43 years of investigating under our belts.




Meet The Team

  1. Tony Avalos
    Tony Avalos is one of the co-founders of Dark Lakes Paranormal. Tony and his wife, Desiree, started the group back in February of 2016. Tony has been investigating claims of the paranormal since the age of 17. A majority of this time taken place mainly in the state of Tennessee. After fulfilling the role of lead investigators in all but three of these groups. He decided to move up north, once there he started Dark Lakes Paranormal.
  2. Desiree Avalos
    Desiree has been interested in the paranormal ever since activity in one of her childhood homes. Never actually getting the chance until she met her husband. With him they decided to form Dark Lakes Paranormal. Quickly grasping the experience needed to use the different forms of equipment. And being a natural when it came to EVP's she had no trouble moving up to Lead Investigator.
  3. Nathan Vargas
    Nathan Vargas is a Lead Investigator of Dark Lakes Paranormal. His interest in the paranormal began 10 years ago when he experienced the apparition of a little boy in his apartment. Since then he has documented evidence consisting of photos, EVP's, and film. He is currently developing his skills as an empath to help with his search for proof. With his knowledge and empathic abilities, he hopes to soon discover proof of the paranormal that surrounds him.
  4. Josh Harris
    Josh Harris has been investigating the paranormal since he had his first encounter when he was 13 years old. Prior to joining Dark Lakes Paranormal in 2017, Josh has worked with various respected and well known Paranormal Investigators in the paranormal community. With his expertise with most of the tools use in the field. He rose to the spot of Tech Specialist extremely quickly.
  5. Amy Donahue
    Bio coming soon!

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